nocca gnocchi factory

Made In Italy

Our gnocchi is manufactured in northern Italy, in the Reggio Emilia region. The company was founded in the 1970's as a regional maker of gnocchi by hand. Now, 40 years later, as the company has grown, our employees continue to remain passionate and dedicated to the craft of making gnocchi. We take pride in making gnocchi in the original Italian tradition, with the ideal proportions of potato and flour, for the perfect tender gnocchi texture. 

nocca gnocchi factory production


We offer not just classic gnocchi, but a variety of flavors and styles. These include whole wheat, gluten-free and gourmet flavors like Truffle and Pesto. Our Cocoli Gnocchi are small pearl-like pasta that are ideal for kids. We continue to develop unique and flavorful gnocchi products for your enjoyment.

nocca gnocchi factory


Gnocchi's rich history dates back to medieval times. It was food often cooked for special occasions and big parties, to celebrate weddings and war victories. It is so integral in Italian history, that it inspired the festival character, Papà del Gnoco, and other colorful legends. 

Originally gnocchi was made out of bread, almonds, butter and cheese. Potato gnocchi are actually a more modern version that spread all across Italy as a result of potato imports from the Americas after their discovery. Today, potato gnocchi is a classic dish that is a foundation of Italian cuisine.