We’re making pasta modern, and fast, with Nocca® potato gnocchi.  We realized that consumers need a convenient way to eat dinner that tastes great, and that traditional pasta (yeah, 1000 years of tradition) wasn’t meeting their needs.  We created Nocca® to bring the high-quality tasty meals of Northern Italy to American tables in just 2 minutes.  That’s an Italian meal in less time than it takes to make one of those packs of noodles with the sodium pouch of flavor bits.


You’re not going to find stories about old traditions, or the way things used to be, though we could tell them, we think it’s more relevant to talk about food the way today’s consumers want to eat it.  Want to heat up your Nocca® gnocchi in the sauce so you only need to get one pan dirty?  Us too.  We’re here to help you make great food in minutes, even if it isn’t the old way of doing things.


Nocca® gnocchi is the easiest way to put dinner on the table tonight.  If you’re feeling more adventurous, Nocca® gnocchi can be pan fried, boiled, or baked to create culinary masterpieces.  It also comes in many varieties including gluten free and countless flavors to give you the creativity to make the perfect meal.  Usually, we just keep it simple.